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Thank you so much for the overwhelming support given by you for the QLA green house during the last academic year. The second phase of green house is already in full swing with great additions and modifications. We have automatic sprinkler installed on the roof, which will deliver water to the plants in controlled volume at specified times. In addition to that, we have changed our planting techniques. Instead of using pots on table tops, we will plant the vegetables directly in the ground. Also, we intend to experiment with “Hydroponics” this year.

Students started working in the green house on 28th of August. Grade -7 science project is already in progress. This project intends to figure out the best plants and vegetables that can be grown in Qatari green houses. They also plan to study ways to improve the quantity of vegetables produced in the green house.

We have two green houses. The following is the list of vegetables that are planted in the greenhouse this year.

Green House -1

Green House-2






Egg Plant

Chili Pepper


Cherry Tomato


Red Bell Pepper




Tomatillo( Mexican Husk Tomato)


This green house project is very important for Science & DT Department, as we get to use it as an outdoor laboratory for controlled experiments. With the help of green house, we can manipulate the environment in which plants are growing. Level of light/ shade, type of irrigation, type of fertilizer, temperature, humidity etc. are some of the factors that can be controlled or investigated.

Some of the hypotheses that our students intend to test this year include,

1.            The yield of vegetables from plants grown inside the green house is 6- 10 times higher than that are produced by outside cultivation.

2.            The green house will prevent the attack of pests and insects by 30% compared to the outdoor cultivation

3.            Students will also compare the plant growth in terms of organic fertilizers Vs. chemical fertilizers. Hydroponics is another area that we want to investigate and promote. We will use organic farming techniques. A tissue culture lab is in pipeline too. Students and teachers are hoping to prepare and use organic insecticides and pesticides.

I hope that, we can continue to provide our students with opportunities and exposure in agriculture which will help in nation building.

Mr. Sunny Joseph

Lead Teacher, Science & Design Technology

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\r\nThank you so much for the overwhelming support given by you for the QLA green house during the last academic year. The second phase of green house is already in full swing with great additions and modifications. We h
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\r\nقام سعادة الدكتور خالد بن محمد العطية، وزير الدولة لشؤون الدفاع، الثلاثاء الماضي، بزيارة أكاديمية قطر للقادة، عضو مؤس

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