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Qatar Leadership Academy celebrated the 6th edition of Pi Day


The number 1 is the most commonly occurring number in the first 100,000 decimal places of Pi.  It occurs 10,137 times”.

Under the umbrella of Qatar Foundation’s Pre-University Education (PUE), Qatar Leadership Academy’s Mathematics Department celebrated its 6th Annual Pi day on March 14th with enthusiasm and full support of school administration and other departments. All teachers and student-participants wore a Pi day t-shirt to celebrate this special occasion. The day started with the human formation of the Pi symbol and the whole school; teachers and students took part in it. The venue of the event was decorated for the occasion displaying information about Pi. One of the main attractions was the display of more than 500 digits of Pi along with the entrance of the venue.

This year, Qatar Leadership Academy, welcomed: Nord Anglia Al-Khor, QA – Doha, AKIS (BS) and AKIS (CBSE) to be a part of this event. After the arrival of guests, icebreaker activities took place for all the participants from QLA and non-QF schools. Opening activities provided all students the opportunity to interact and collaborate with students from other schools.

 Math Jeopardy and Visual Arts competitions took place after the welcoming ceremony. The Visual Arts competition was conducted where all teams had to design a Pi day t-shirt.  Math Jeopardy activities ran parallel to Visual Arts competitions. QLA qualified for grades 9-10 jeopardy and won the competition for the first time. Grades 7-8 Math Jeopardy has been won by AKIS (CBSE) and they were winners in the art completion this year.

Apple pies were served to all students, guests, and teachers in an effort to bring sweetness to the celebration and to say thanks for their support and contributions.

The activities designed for Pi day were meant to create a positive environment for everyone involved and generate a curiosity amongst the students about the letter Pi and Mathematics at large. The Mathematics Department at QLA hopes to continue this celebration in future with greater interest and involvement from other schools within Qatar.

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