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Qatar Leadership Academy Promotions and Awards Ceremony 2015

On Thursday 26th February 2015 Qatar Leadership Academy held its half-yearly Promotions and Awards ceremony in front of respected parents, staff and honoured guests. The promotions and awards ceremony is organized to recognize and reward the achievements of the cadets at QLA. Promotions and Awards were presented by the Commandant, Lieutenant Hassan Saleh H A Bujaloof and the Dean of Students, Doctor Mohamed A Al Musleh.


Promotions are a recognition of the individual cadets’ prowess in their Leadership activities and put the promoted cadet into a Leadership position amongst his peers. The student body is organised along the lines of an army Battalion with officers, warrant officers and Non-Commissioned Officers. Promoted cadets may then be appointed to positions of further responsibility having attained suitable rank and demonstrated natural Leadership abilities. This promotes self –esteem, leadership and man-management skills and recognizes the abilities of the cadets which might not be apparent in a more mainstream school.


The awards are achievement ribbons that are worn on the cadets’ parade uniform. In each grade group there is a ribbon awarded for the cadet who achieves the most in each subject and there are also ribbons for the most improved cadet in each subject.


The ceremony started with a display of skills learned in the cadets Leadership lessons. This was in four parts. The first a display of unarmed combat and self-defence, the second was a group of cadets demonstrating a military fire and manoeuvre exercise simulating making contact with the enemy and fighting through a position. This was followed by a demonstration of abseiling skills in which a “casualty” was evacuated by stretcher down the abseiling tower by two cadets. The finale was a demonstration of rock climbing on the artificial rock climbing wall.


After this the battalion mustered for the promotions and awards ceremony


In addition to the academic awards, 70 cadets received a special ribbon, never before issued by QLA, to recognize their achievement in participating in the Qatar National Day celebrations on the Corniche in Doha this year.


Four cadets, Ali Saeed Y K Al-Sulaiti (Grade 8), Yousef Abdulla Y H Al-Amri (Grade 8) Fahad Adam K Althuwaini (Grade 9) and Seif Hany Sayed Ahmed (Grade 9) were awarded Distinguished Cadet ribbons for their individual contribution to Leadership at the Academy.


Other notable awards were Academic Achievement ribbons awarded to three cadets in grade 12, Mohammed Yousef A A  Obaidan, Ali Salim Nasser Al Aufi and Mohammed Majid S S Al-Romaihi who were the team from QLA who achieved recognition as  the best research team  at the Environmental Sustainability in Qatar Challenge, a national competition.


Three cadets in Grade 12, Mamun Moalem,  Mohamad Aref Ayche and Mohammad Soheil  Zantout, were also awarded Academic Achievement ribbons for having completed all of the major core requirements for their International Baccalaureate Diploma


All QLA cadets in school were present for the ceremony. Some 40 cadets took part in the display and 81 cadets received a total of 104 awards and promotions between them. It was a real delight to see so many parents present to celebrate the achievements of their sons. QLA looks forward to holding a similar event again at the end of the academic year.


The event was coordinated by Head of Leadership Peter L Barnett, organised and arranged by Leadership Programme Administrator Salem B Al Fahidi assisted by the Leadership team, Colin H. Campbell, Christopher R. Johnson, Jamaal A. Cebrun-Adams, Mohamed Al-Tork, Nashat Hasan, Atalah Eid Alkhowaldeh and Mohamed Elhadi Elyas.



It was ably managed by the Public Relations Coordinator Khaled Y Khasab with the assistance of the Facilities Management Supervisor, Hassan Ahmed and the Facilities Management team at QLA. The Master of Ceremonies was Cadet Captain Ali Abdulla A A Al-Abdulla.

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