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Academic Affairs

Mr. James Steckart
Head of Academic Affairs
Mrs. Zarmina  Hotaki
Associate Head of Academic Affairs
Mr. Jassem Ali Alkhater
Heritage & Cultural Administrator
Ms. Melissa Dawn Patton
ESL Coordinator
Mr. Muad A M Makhool
ESL Teacher
Mr. Hani Elsayed Seddik Mohamed
ESL Teacher
Mr. Ahmad Jassim F M Abdulla
Ms. Moza Khalifa Al-Rahbi
Mr. Nagoor Mohideen Shahul Hameed
Lab Technician
Mr. Sunny  Joseph
Design Technology & Science Coordinator
Mr. Anthony Joseph Smith
Science Teacher
Mr. George  Chempalathara
Science Teacher
Ms. Janine Jin Nee Lee
Science Teacher
Mr. Earl Thomas  Frank
Science Teacher
Mr. Adnan  Mackovic
English & Business Humanities Coordinator
Mr. George Conrad Walker
English Teacher
Ms. Tammie Dophrone Walker
English Teacher
Mr. David Alexander Heaton
English Teacher
Mr. Marc Thomas Patton
English Teacher
Mr. Sunil Dutt Sharma
Math & IT Co-ordinator
Mr. Donald Keith Rantz
Math Teacher
Mr. Louis Stephen Petersen
Math Teacher
Mr. Muhammad  Muaaz
Math Teacher
Mr. James Fleming Davis
PE Teacher
Mr. Gerben Silvis Bekkenk
PE Teacher
Mr. Thomas Martin Rolt
IT Teacher
Mr. Tayseer Muhsin Mahmoud Aldiabat
Arabic / Islamic Co - Ordinator
Mr. Ahmed Abdulasalam Eissa
Arabic/Islamic Teacher
Mr. Mohamed Shalabi Abdelghany Shalabi
Arabic/Islamic Teacher
Mr. Hassan Abdulla H A Al-Rumaihi
Arabic/Islamic Teacher

Mr. Ossama Radwan Mahmoud Radwan
Arabic/Islamic Teacher
Mr. Sameer Abdul Aziz Al-Najeh
Islamic Counselor
Mr. Moustafa Farag A. Ahmed
Islamic Counselor
Mr. Bruce Arthur Zeemel
Humanities Teacher
Mr. Christopher  Eng
Humanities Teacher
Mr. Francis Tapiwa Chapuredima
Humanities Teacher
Ms. Michelle Louise Marshall
Leadership Program Coordinator
Mr. Christopher Robert Johnson
Teacher Leadership
Mr. Colin Howard Campbell
Teacher Leadership
Ms. Vassiliki  Varellas
Art Teacher
Ms. Fiona Elizabeth Sarah Bayliss
Design Technology Teacher
Mr. Khalaf Shabib S K Al-Merekhi
History Teacher
Ms. Eleanor  Leyden
French Teacher
Mr. Abdel Hadi Yousef A. H. El-Karmi
IB Coordinator
Ms. Jane Frances Habermann
Psychological Counselor
Mr. Amin Suleiman Zoubi
Miss Haya Zayed Al Muraikhi
Chairperson Secretary
Mr. Mohammad A.Rahman A. Zeyara
Boarding Officer
Mr. Saeed Hassen S A Al-Shahwani
Boarding Officer
Mrs. Ghaliya Ibrahim J I Al-Baker
Academic Secretary

Qla News

What could be a proper gift for boys of 18, when they graduate from high school? \r\nStudents and staff of QLA were looking for innovative ideas to celebrate the work and legacy of our current grade 12 students in a mean
“Pi has 6.4 billion known digits that would take approximately 133 years to recite without stopping”\r\nAt Qatar Leadership Academy, Math Department celebrated Pi day on March 18th as March 14th was Saturday with ful
On Thursday 26th February 2015 Qatar Leadership Academy held its half-yearly Promotions and Awards ceremony in front of respected parents, staff and honoured guests. The promotions and awards ceremony is organized to rec
QLA cadets chosen as the Best Research Team Feb 2015 Qatar Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy organized a competition called “Environmental Sustainability in Qatar- Challenge” for high school and unive
شاركت أكاديمية قطر للقادة عضو مؤسسة قطر للتربية والعلوم وتنمية المجتمع ، خلال العام الدراسي الحالي في العديد من الأنشطة
On Thursday May 8th, Qatar Leadership Academy hosted its 2nd annual Project Fair. Every QLA cadet presented a project they worked on throughout the year. Cadets explained their projects to the QLA staff and administratio

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